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Top 7 Brilliant Apartment Decor Tips

If you rent an apartment, you’re not alone. More than 36% of people rent rather than own a home. The 35 and younger age group rents at a rate of 65%.

Being comfortable in your home is important. Don’t settle for bland, ordinary decor. There are lots of easy ways to spruce things up. Is your apartment small? Are you stuck when it comes to decorating?

Read on for 7 brilliant apartment decor tips.

Apartment Decor

Apartments a great place to find friends and community. Make sure your apartment reflects who you are.

When decorating an apartment, first get your priorities straight.

If space is limited, figure out what’s most important. Do you need a desk or office space? If not, use a non-traditional space for your computer or laptop. Try a sturdy fold-out lap tray that can store easily under the bed when not in use.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors make any space look bigger. Set an oversized tall mirror on the floor and lean it against the wall. There’s still space to put furniture in front of the mirror. But, it makes the room look bigger.

Place mirrors in areas that reflect light back into the room. This also makes the room appear larger.

Right-Size Furnishings

Pick furniture that works with the space. Medium to small furniture looks great in an apartment. Overstuffed and large furniture dominates a room making it appear smaller.

The Murphy Bed

The old-fashioned Murphy bed is making a comeback for good reason. Want your second bedroom as an office, but need space for guests? A Murphy bed folds into the wall when not in use.

Use a desk with wheels. At night, wheel the desk out of the way and open the Murphy bed. They look great closed or open.

Floating Shelves

Most apartments have a lot of unused wall space. Take advantage of the empty space with floating shelves. They’re easy to install and come in various sizes. Store items in pretty baskets.

Risers, Risers, Risers

This may not seem like a decorating tip, but it helps keep your apartment clean. Put your bed on risers. The bed will be tall enough that you’ll have plenty of storage space underneath.

Getting your things out of the way and under the bed makes the rest of the apartment feel bigger.


Most apartments come with generic blinds.

Hang light, pretty curtains to add depth and height to your rooms. Don’t be afraid to hang them way up near the ceiling instead of right above the window. Hanging them high makes the room seem taller.

Have Fun Decorating

With the right apartment decor, you’ll feel right at home. Figure out your priorities and dive in. Don’t be afraid to try new wall colors and pretty curtains. Add floating shelves for storage.

Mirrors and the right-size furnishings top it off for a spacious look. Are you looking for an apartment of your own? Take a look here.