Apartment Living: The Golden Rules on Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

Apartment life offers benefits and challenges. Within reason, you can make decisions about the decorating. You also free yourself from many of the hassles of home ownership, such as repairs and property maintenances.

One of the challenges is that you share walls with other people. Sometimes, that can put you in the unenviable position of dealing with noisy neighbors. While pounding on a wall or turning up your own music may prove satisfying, it’s not the ideal solution.

Keep reading for the golden rules of dealing with those noisy neighbors.

Talk with Your Neighbor

Many apartment dwellers never really get to know their neighbors, except for passing them in a hall or the parking lot. That can make the prospect of going over and talking with them about the noise level somewhat daunting. 

Introducing yourself when you first move in or when a new neighbor moves in next to you can ease those tensions a little.

The important thing you should aim for is a brief, civil conversation about the noise. As a general rule, politely asking someone to turn down the music or TV will get you what you want. It’s rare that you run across someone who likes being the noisy neighbor. 

Agree on Ground Rules

Most apartment leases contain some language about quiet hours, but people can forget. If you consistently need to ask your neighbor to keep it down late in the evening, talk with them about some basic ground rules like switching to headphones after 10 PM.

Contact the Landlord

If talking with your neighbor is too far outside your comfort zone or gets you no results, you should contact your landlord as your next step. The landlord can send letters or remind the person about the noise clause in their lease. 

If the neighbor persists, the landlord can even evict them for violating their lease. Although, most landlords prefer less irrevocable actions.

Call the Police

Calling the police is the nuclear option of dealing with a neighbor’s noise. That said, most cities and towns maintain noise ordinances that set quiet hours, maximum decibel levels or both. 

As a general practice, you should reserve calling the police for truly obnoxious noise levels or possible domestic abuse.


If nothing fixes the noise level problem with a neighbor, you can move. It’s the least desirable outcome because even a local move is stressful and a huge inconvenience for you. On the other hand, some people find the stress and hassle worth it if it means escaping a loud neighbor. 

Parting Thoughts on Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Dealing with noisy neighbors calls for starting with the least aggressive approach and working your way up from there. In most cases, a simple conversation will solve the problem. If you can’t make any headway with the neighbor, a letter from the landlord will frequently put a stop to the problem. 

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