7 Space-Saving Apartment Hacks to Maximize Your Home’s Potential

The average studio apartment size has shrunk by 52 feet than 10 years ago. Rents are going up and space is going down. That’s a recipe for frustrations for the average person.

Most of us don’t have the greatest storage and organizing habits, either. If you’re like me, just keeping clothes hung and dishes washed is a victory. In order to get the most out of a small apartment, you’ll need a plan of action.

There are definitely areas in the home that can be consolidated or dual-purposed. This is a short list of apartment hacks to inspire you to do more with less.

Top Seven Apartment Hacks

Do each of these apartment hacks in whichever order you want. We suggest doing them one at a time to avoid cluttering other areas while renovating.

1. Use Pegboards

Vertical space is extremely underused in most apartments. This is where you can really open up your floorspace. Install pegboards to hang all sorts of stuff.

In the kitchen, pegboards become the ultimate pots and pans solution. Use a pegboard for a simple hat and coat rack space. 

2. Floating Shelves

Nightstands, end-tables, and traditional shelves can take up a lot of space. They may not be very big on their own, but collectively they become toe-stubbers. The best desk and shelf solutions in small apartments are floating/foldaway.

These types of shelves are cheap and add a great modern flair to your rooms.

3. Stack it Up

For every desk or table in your home, you can add even more storage space on top. Add a small shelf or some storage bins on top. If you want to maximize the space on top, just place a raised platform on top.

4. Murphy Beds

You don’t have to sacrifice bed quality nowadays to use a Murphy bed setup. If you’re fearing losing your king-size bed, consider downsizing. Many new homes in the U.S. are downsizing, so think hard about new floorplans.

5. Drawers for Cords

Cords can really make an apartment feel more cluttered than it actually is. Your charging cables, plugs for electronics, and adapters can go into your drawers. A few modifications to allow a powerstrip to sit inside and you’re set.

6. Mobile Furniture

One thing you don’t want to do in a small apartment is fill it with heavy pieces. Small chairs, tables, and lamps allow your living space to become adaptable. Stackable furniture is ideal, as you can really maximize your hosting capabilities.

7. Ceiling Shelves

If you’re an avid book collector or have a lot of stuff that you don’t use daily, look higher. Placing shelves above doorways or above entertainment centers is a great use of space.

More Apartment for Your Money

All of these apartment hacks are guaranteed to give you more bang for your buck. Make sure you check with your apartment manager before performing any of these upgrades. They’re likely going to boost the value of the property, but some landlords are real sticklers.

If you’re looking for a place in VA that fits your lifestyle better, contact us and we can help you. You don’t have to go broke from wanting to do more with less.