Apartment Living: The Golden Rules on Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

Apartment life offers benefits and challenges. Within reason, you can make decisions about the decorating. You also free yourself from many of the hassles of home ownership, such as repairs and property maintenances.

One of the challenges is that you share walls with other people. Sometimes, that can put you in the unenviable position of dealing with noisy neighbors. While pounding on a wall or turning up your own music may prove satisfying, it’s not the ideal solution.

Keep reading for the golden rules of dealing with those noisy neighbors.

Talk with Your Neighbor

Many apartment dwellers never really get to know their neighbors, except for passing them in a hall or the parking lot. That can make the prospect of going over and talking with them about the noise level somewhat daunting. 

Introducing yourself when you first move in or when a new neighbor moves in next to you can ease those tensions a little.

The important thing you should aim for is a brief, civil conversation about the noise. As a general rule, politely asking someone to turn down the music or TV will get you what you want. It’s rare that you run across someone who likes being the noisy neighbor. 

Agree on Ground Rules

Most apartment leases contain some language about quiet hours, but people can forget. If you consistently need to ask your neighbor to keep it down late in the evening, talk with them about some basic ground rules like switching to headphones after 10 PM.

Contact the Landlord

If talking with your neighbor is too far outside your comfort zone or gets you no results, you should contact your landlord as your next step. The landlord can send letters or remind the person about the noise clause in their lease. 

If the neighbor persists, the landlord can even evict them for violating their lease. Although, most landlords prefer less irrevocable actions.

Call the Police

Calling the police is the nuclear option of dealing with a neighbor’s noise. That said, most cities and towns maintain noise ordinances that set quiet hours, maximum decibel levels or both. 

As a general practice, you should reserve calling the police for truly obnoxious noise levels or possible domestic abuse.


If nothing fixes the noise level problem with a neighbor, you can move. It’s the least desirable outcome because even a local move is stressful and a huge inconvenience for you. On the other hand, some people find the stress and hassle worth it if it means escaping a loud neighbor. 

Parting Thoughts on Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Dealing with noisy neighbors calls for starting with the least aggressive approach and working your way up from there. In most cases, a simple conversation will solve the problem. If you can’t make any headway with the neighbor, a letter from the landlord will frequently put a stop to the problem. 

Colony offers apartments in the Henrico, VA area. If you’ve decided the noise from your neighbors is more trouble than it’s worth, contact Colony today and tour our apartments. 

7 Space-Saving Apartment Hacks to Maximize Your Home’s Potential

The average studio apartment size has shrunk by 52 feet than 10 years ago. Rents are going up and space is going down. That’s a recipe for frustrations for the average person.

Most of us don’t have the greatest storage and organizing habits, either. If you’re like me, just keeping clothes hung and dishes washed is a victory. In order to get the most out of a small apartment, you’ll need a plan of action.

There are definitely areas in the home that can be consolidated or dual-purposed. This is a short list of apartment hacks to inspire you to do more with less.

Top Seven Apartment Hacks

Do each of these apartment hacks in whichever order you want. We suggest doing them one at a time to avoid cluttering other areas while renovating.

1. Use Pegboards

Vertical space is extremely underused in most apartments. This is where you can really open up your floorspace. Install pegboards to hang all sorts of stuff.

In the kitchen, pegboards become the ultimate pots and pans solution. Use a pegboard for a simple hat and coat rack space. 

2. Floating Shelves

Nightstands, end-tables, and traditional shelves can take up a lot of space. They may not be very big on their own, but collectively they become toe-stubbers. The best desk and shelf solutions in small apartments are floating/foldaway.

These types of shelves are cheap and add a great modern flair to your rooms.

3. Stack it Up

For every desk or table in your home, you can add even more storage space on top. Add a small shelf or some storage bins on top. If you want to maximize the space on top, just place a raised platform on top.

4. Murphy Beds

You don’t have to sacrifice bed quality nowadays to use a Murphy bed setup. If you’re fearing losing your king-size bed, consider downsizing. Many new homes in the U.S. are downsizing, so think hard about new floorplans.

5. Drawers for Cords

Cords can really make an apartment feel more cluttered than it actually is. Your charging cables, plugs for electronics, and adapters can go into your drawers. A few modifications to allow a powerstrip to sit inside and you’re set.

6. Mobile Furniture

One thing you don’t want to do in a small apartment is fill it with heavy pieces. Small chairs, tables, and lamps allow your living space to become adaptable. Stackable furniture is ideal, as you can really maximize your hosting capabilities.

7. Ceiling Shelves

If you’re an avid book collector or have a lot of stuff that you don’t use daily, look higher. Placing shelves above doorways or above entertainment centers is a great use of space.

More Apartment for Your Money

All of these apartment hacks are guaranteed to give you more bang for your buck. Make sure you check with your apartment manager before performing any of these upgrades. They’re likely going to boost the value of the property, but some landlords are real sticklers.

If you’re looking for a place in VA that fits your lifestyle better, contact us and we can help you. You don’t have to go broke from wanting to do more with less.

Tiny Living Room Ideas: How to Make a Small Space Look Huge

A tiny living space doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and express your own personal style. In fact, there are ways to do big things with small spaces.

That’s right. You can make a small space look bigger with the right decorating ideas.

From tiny homes to small apartments, the average person only needs about 400 square feet. What does that mean?

You have to make the space you have work for you.

If you live in a tiny space or small living quarters, read on. Here’s how to make a small space look huge with tiny living room ideas.

Leave Walking Space Behind the Furniture

It’s a natural habit to push furniture up against the wall or stand lamps up in corners.

Break this habit to create more space. Leaving room between the wall and furniture creates the illusion of extra space.

Pull everything out a few inches to make your tiny space look more open.

Store Things Up

Bookshelves are like Christmas trees for people who love to read. But they can swallow up a lot of living space.

To save room in your compact spot, store things up high. Build your bookshelves close to the ceiling.

This draws people’s eyes up when they enter the room, giving the impression they’ve entered a larger space.

Utilize Large Mirrors

Use a mirror cut and framed like a window to ease to feel of living confined in a small room.

You can also make a statement wall using several tall mirrors. Tall mirrors draw the eyes upwards as well.

They give the room a spacious feel, making it look and feel larger than it is.

Use an Oversized Rug

As odd as it may sound, using an oversized rug in a small space creates the illusion of more space.

Use one that extends out beyond the furniture in the room. It will draw the eyes wide and make the room appear bigger.

Stretch the Room out with Stripes

It’s a longstanding debate that vertical stripes make you look taller. Whether they do or not, a vertically striped rug will make your room appear longer.

Make sure it stretches the length of the floor, so in any direction, the room looks larger than it is.

Use Tall Furnishings

Furniture with tall legs is great for tiny spaces. When strategically placed, raise furniture makes the room look more spacious.

Refurbished armchairs with open bottoms and high leg sofas give the room an open airy feel. Plus, you get access to extra storage space.

Shoot for brighter-colored furniture. Colors like Ceylon green, off-white, and brighter blues deceive the eyes. They trick them into believing the room is much larger than it is.

Try These Tiny Living Room Ideas

Making the most out of a small space is not difficult. It takes using the right tiny living room ideas to grow your space.

Try these tiny space decorating tips to gain more space in your small situation.

Check out our community for more information on incredible living.

Top 7 Brilliant Apartment Decor Tips

If you rent an apartment, you’re not alone. More than 36% of people rent rather than own a home. The 35 and younger age group rents at a rate of 65%.

Being comfortable in your home is important. Don’t settle for bland, ordinary decor. There are lots of easy ways to spruce things up. Is your apartment small? Are you stuck when it comes to decorating?

Read on for 7 brilliant apartment decor tips.

Apartment Decor

Apartments a great place to find friends and community. Make sure your apartment reflects who you are.

When decorating an apartment, first get your priorities straight.

If space is limited, figure out what’s most important. Do you need a desk or office space? If not, use a non-traditional space for your computer or laptop. Try a sturdy fold-out lap tray that can store easily under the bed when not in use.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors make any space look bigger. Set an oversized tall mirror on the floor and lean it against the wall. There’s still space to put furniture in front of the mirror. But, it makes the room look bigger.

Place mirrors in areas that reflect light back into the room. This also makes the room appear larger.

Right-Size Furnishings

Pick furniture that works with the space. Medium to small furniture looks great in an apartment. Overstuffed and large furniture dominates a room making it appear smaller.

The Murphy Bed

The old-fashioned Murphy bed is making a comeback for good reason. Want your second bedroom as an office, but need space for guests? A Murphy bed folds into the wall when not in use.

Use a desk with wheels. At night, wheel the desk out of the way and open the Murphy bed. They look great closed or open.

Floating Shelves

Most apartments have a lot of unused wall space. Take advantage of the empty space with floating shelves. They’re easy to install and come in various sizes. Store items in pretty baskets.

Risers, Risers, Risers

This may not seem like a decorating tip, but it helps keep your apartment clean. Put your bed on risers. The bed will be tall enough that you’ll have plenty of storage space underneath.

Getting your things out of the way and under the bed makes the rest of the apartment feel bigger.


Most apartments come with generic blinds.

Hang light, pretty curtains to add depth and height to your rooms. Don’t be afraid to hang them way up near the ceiling instead of right above the window. Hanging them high makes the room seem taller.

Have Fun Decorating

With the right apartment decor, you’ll feel right at home. Figure out your priorities and dive in. Don’t be afraid to try new wall colors and pretty curtains. Add floating shelves for storage.

Mirrors and the right-size furnishings top it off for a spacious look. Are you looking for an apartment of your own? Take a look here.