Top 5 Things to Do in Henrico County Virginia

Virginia is a hidden gem on the list of most desirable places to live. It has the top three of forty colleges in the United States. And the cost of living is seven percent below the national average.

That’s part of what makes Henrico County one of the best places to live. Another one of the reasons is that there’s plenty to do there.

5 Things to Do in Henrico County

Getting to know Virginia means reading up on your fun facts. Learning about Henrico County tourists attractions is part of the right of passage for moving to Virginia.

Henrico Library

Not only does the Henrico Library have beautiful facilities featured over several locations, but they also have frequent events for you to attend and meet with other members of the community.

Live music, storytime, games week, potlucks and more, there’s always something to do around the library.

James River Park System

This is a river in the middle of the city. You can go kayaking, whitewater rafting, and more. 

What’s more is you can also go on bike rides and hikes around the surrounding park. The entire area is perfect for you if you love staying active even though you live in a city setting.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Virginia plays home to one of the largest art collections in the United States. Just a hop skip and a jump from Henrico County, you can travel over and see over 40,000 works of art.

The collection holds everything from Chinese art, French Impressionist art, African art, and much more. The admission is also free! 

Henrico’s Richmond International Raceway

This speedway can hold over 97,000 people. This huge speedway is home to NASCAR and IndyCar events every year. So if you like watching fast cars, you can get your fix in Henrico County.

It also is the only track that holds all of its racing events under the lights.

Short Pump Town Center

Short Pump was the name of a tavern that used to sit on the land where Short Pump Town Center is now built. It was a stagecoach stop as well, and it had a short-handled pump located under the porch.

Now, it plays home to an upscale shopping area. You can get a bite to eat and shop around in the high-end mall. Nordstrom’s, Aldo, Crate & Barrel – you can take your pick.

Between Short Pump Town Center and Regency square, you’ll never run out of shopping opportunities when you’re living in Henrico County.

Get Your Move on

You can get a luxury apartment in Henrico County and get started on all these things to do. When you need a change of scenery that still offers plenty to entertain you, it’s the logical choice.

All you have to do is contact Colony Cabin Creek, and you can get your fill on everything you need to know about living in Virginia. If you’re ready for your next adventure, then Henrico County is where you’ll want to settle.

5 Obscure Facts About Virginia You Should Know Before You Move

Virginia got its name after England’s “Virgin Queen” Elizabeth the I and was the first US territory to be colonized by the English. The first settlement was Jamestown and marked the beginning of a new country we now call the USA.

Virginia was the birthplace of 8 US presidents including George Washington, Woodrow Wilson, and Thomas Jefferson, and many famous people like singer Ella Fitzgerald, actress Sandra Bullock, and former NBA player Allen Iverson.

Nowadays, Virginia’s economy is mainly driven by its world-famous high-quality tobacco, peanuts, cattle, and wine.

Intrigued by the history and culture of this amazing state? Keep reading to discover 5 interesting facts about Virginia and learn more about it before you move there.

1. Virginia is the Home of the Internet

One of the most interesting facts about Virginia is that it’s home to the largest internet data centers in the world.

It’s estimated that 50-70% of all traffic flows through these servers mainly located in Loudoun County, with other counties starting to develop their own centers in recent years.

2. There’s An Annual Pony Swimming Event

Each year, wild ponies from the Assateague Island are gathered to swim across the channel to the Chincoteague Islands.

Then, some of the horses are auctioned and sold and the money is used as a donation to a local fire department.

3. The First-Ever Fraternity Was Founded in VA

Not many people may know this interesting fact about Virginia, but the first college fraternity Phi Beta Cappa in the United States was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg.

The college’s Wren Building is the oldest of its kind in the country and was constructed in 1700.

4. It’s the Home of the First-Ever Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest national holidays celebrated in honor of the Pilgrims’ first harvest in the New World in October 1621. But one of the lesser-known fun facts about Virginia is that the state claims to be home of the first-ever Thanksgiving celebration in Berkeley Plantation in 1619, even before the Pilgrims.

11 years after Jamestown was founded, a group of 4 people landed on Virginia soil to form another settlement called Berkeley Hundred. The day the ships arrived at the shore after a long and gruesome journey, the men kneeled on the ground to give thanks to God for the safe arrival.

This helped them strengthen the sense of community and marked the beginning of a new tradition we still honor today.

5. Virginia Has Some Truly Bizarre Laws

Did you know that children in Virginia aren’t allowed to go trick-or-treating for Halloween? Or that you can’t tickle women or spit on seagulls?

Policemen cannot use speed radar detectors, but if you ride a motorcycle, you have to honk your horn if you want to pass another vehicle. In Richmond cafes, you can’t flip a coin with your friends to decide who pays.

These are just some of the many weird Virginia laws the state still holds on to today.

Have You Heard of These Facts About Virginia?

If you’re planning to move to the Old Dominion, these incredible facts about Virginia will help you get to know the state better and find your place under the sun.

For more Virginia tips and articles on community living, visit our blog.

If you have any questions or would like to become a part of our vibrant community, contact us today and we’ll get in touch soon.

Tiny Living Room Ideas: How to Make a Small Space Look Huge

A tiny living space doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and express your own personal style. In fact, there are ways to do big things with small spaces.

That’s right. You can make a small space look bigger with the right decorating ideas.

From tiny homes to small apartments, the average person only needs about 400 square feet. What does that mean?

You have to make the space you have work for you.

If you live in a tiny space or small living quarters, read on. Here’s how to make a small space look huge with tiny living room ideas.

Leave Walking Space Behind the Furniture

It’s a natural habit to push furniture up against the wall or stand lamps up in corners.

Break this habit to create more space. Leaving room between the wall and furniture creates the illusion of extra space.

Pull everything out a few inches to make your tiny space look more open.

Store Things Up

Bookshelves are like Christmas trees for people who love to read. But they can swallow up a lot of living space.

To save room in your compact spot, store things up high. Build your bookshelves close to the ceiling.

This draws people’s eyes up when they enter the room, giving the impression they’ve entered a larger space.

Utilize Large Mirrors

Use a mirror cut and framed like a window to ease to feel of living confined in a small room.

You can also make a statement wall using several tall mirrors. Tall mirrors draw the eyes upwards as well.

They give the room a spacious feel, making it look and feel larger than it is.

Use an Oversized Rug

As odd as it may sound, using an oversized rug in a small space creates the illusion of more space.

Use one that extends out beyond the furniture in the room. It will draw the eyes wide and make the room appear bigger.

Stretch the Room out with Stripes

It’s a longstanding debate that vertical stripes make you look taller. Whether they do or not, a vertically striped rug will make your room appear longer.

Make sure it stretches the length of the floor, so in any direction, the room looks larger than it is.

Use Tall Furnishings

Furniture with tall legs is great for tiny spaces. When strategically placed, raise furniture makes the room look more spacious.

Refurbished armchairs with open bottoms and high leg sofas give the room an open airy feel. Plus, you get access to extra storage space.

Shoot for brighter-colored furniture. Colors like Ceylon green, off-white, and brighter blues deceive the eyes. They trick them into believing the room is much larger than it is.

Try These Tiny Living Room Ideas

Making the most out of a small space is not difficult. It takes using the right tiny living room ideas to grow your space.

Try these tiny space decorating tips to gain more space in your small situation.

Check out our community for more information on incredible living.

Top 7 Brilliant Apartment Decor Tips

If you rent an apartment, you’re not alone. More than 36% of people rent rather than own a home. The 35 and younger age group rents at a rate of 65%.

Being comfortable in your home is important. Don’t settle for bland, ordinary decor. There are lots of easy ways to spruce things up. Is your apartment small? Are you stuck when it comes to decorating?

Read on for 7 brilliant apartment decor tips.

Apartment Decor

Apartments a great place to find friends and community. Make sure your apartment reflects who you are.

When decorating an apartment, first get your priorities straight.

If space is limited, figure out what’s most important. Do you need a desk or office space? If not, use a non-traditional space for your computer or laptop. Try a sturdy fold-out lap tray that can store easily under the bed when not in use.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors make any space look bigger. Set an oversized tall mirror on the floor and lean it against the wall. There’s still space to put furniture in front of the mirror. But, it makes the room look bigger.

Place mirrors in areas that reflect light back into the room. This also makes the room appear larger.

Right-Size Furnishings

Pick furniture that works with the space. Medium to small furniture looks great in an apartment. Overstuffed and large furniture dominates a room making it appear smaller.

The Murphy Bed

The old-fashioned Murphy bed is making a comeback for good reason. Want your second bedroom as an office, but need space for guests? A Murphy bed folds into the wall when not in use.

Use a desk with wheels. At night, wheel the desk out of the way and open the Murphy bed. They look great closed or open.

Floating Shelves

Most apartments have a lot of unused wall space. Take advantage of the empty space with floating shelves. They’re easy to install and come in various sizes. Store items in pretty baskets.

Risers, Risers, Risers

This may not seem like a decorating tip, but it helps keep your apartment clean. Put your bed on risers. The bed will be tall enough that you’ll have plenty of storage space underneath.

Getting your things out of the way and under the bed makes the rest of the apartment feel bigger.


Most apartments come with generic blinds.

Hang light, pretty curtains to add depth and height to your rooms. Don’t be afraid to hang them way up near the ceiling instead of right above the window. Hanging them high makes the room seem taller.

Have Fun Decorating

With the right apartment decor, you’ll feel right at home. Figure out your priorities and dive in. Don’t be afraid to try new wall colors and pretty curtains. Add floating shelves for storage.

Mirrors and the right-size furnishings top it off for a spacious look. Are you looking for an apartment of your own? Take a look here.